Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tree Killer (Chelsea)

Okay, so I didn't post this until 10pm on Tuesday, but at least it's posted on the right day! Saying I'm a procrastinator is an understatement akin to saying Hitler was Bad. The only thing I don't procrastinate on (generally) is reading. For fun. This week, I reaaaad...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland AND Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I can't believe I hadn't read these before. I'd seen snippets of the Disney movie, sure, but when I realized I was 16 and still hadn't read them, I began to grow ashamed. For a reader like me, especially one who adores Children's and YA lit, it's embarrassing. But at least I'm not the only one! No matter how many times I read a classic and enjoy it (To Kill a Mockingbird, for instance and Catcher in the Rye, both of which I loved) I can't help but cringe at the word "classic". It goes, in my mind, with "required" and "work", and all those other nonfun adjectives. When something becomes work for me, I lose my enjoyment in it (which played a big part in my decision to quit reviewing, btw). Not that when I'm reading something for school, I won't enjoy it. It's just that...I have to FORCE myself to read it. Kicking and screaming. Because my free spirit doesn't go well with the word "required." I've seen a ton of posts about this on blogs recently, so maybe that's where this is all coming from. (Oh, and just to let you know, I really enjoyed Alice. It was so dreamlike and fun.)

Whew, anyway. I also read Hush by Donna Jo Napoli. It's the first book of hers I've read, and I hear she specializes in retellings? I haven't read many retellings, but I'd really like to. I enjoyed Hush quite a bit. Does anyone know any good ones?

Until next time, (and there WILL be a next time, because holycrap I have so many books)

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Teen Tuesday- Kyle

The Past week I got to read some great books and I got to post an interview with an awesome author! First, lets talk genres, in the past week I started reading books from the genre Vampires which so far is a great genre and I am loving the books in it. I also read a middle grade novel by a 2k8 author which was great.

First I want talk about Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Before this month I really had no idea the book and series ever existed (I had seen it in stores though; I never really looked at what it was about). I finally took the time to find out what the book was about and I watched some clips from the movie. And after hearing great things about the book around the blogging world, I decided to read it. So I went to borders and bought the first two in the series, Twilight and New Moon. I wanted to get Eclipse but unfortunately the wallet was saying otherwise. So once I started reading Twilight, I was hooked. It was way better than any Harry Potter book. I couldn't wait to read New Moon.

But before I read Twilight I read The Emerald Tablet by P.J Hoover, which comes to stores October 21st. TET is a book made for older middle grade students but it was still wonderful. It was fast paced but that didn't phase me due to the wonderful twists in the book. I did not expect the ending at all, which is something I love in a book.

I also read yet another vampire book. This one is called Sucks To Be Me by Kimberly Pauley. It releases on August 26th. This wasn't one of those scary more serious vampire books. It was very humorous. It is about a girl who has to decide to become a vampire like her parents or to stay human. Which turns out to be a difficult choice due to what would happen if she chose not to and she absolutely hates the thought of drinking blood.

Lets talk interviews. This past week I got to post my interview with Brooke Taylor, author of Undone which will be released July 22nd. Brooke is a really nice person and I was very glad I got the time to interview her. I got to find out a lot about her, including that she has traveled the world! How cool is that?!?! This week I will be posting an interview with an author again but it will be split up into 2 days, part 1 will be posted on Wednesday and part 2 will be posted Thursday. And in the interview a rumor will be found false or true about this author's book that everyone has been wondering.
This coming up week I am planning on reading and reviewing Puddlejumpers and Eclipse.

Looking to the Future [Megan]

I was completely upset when I went to the library yesterday and found that the book I wanted to read for Genre of the Month had been checked out. Yeah, it sort of ruined my day.

It seems where I live, non Stephanie Myers vampire books are not very popular. I was unable to find a very intriguing alternative book and finally settled on the Vampire Plagues series. I actually am looking forward to them now. I am hoping they will be easy yet enjoyable reads.

I also took out The Book Thief to prepare for this book club.
They have come up with the great concept of doing a podcast discussing their book choice each month. I sort of had them because of it. The show is scheduled for Sunday, August 3rd at 8pm central / 9pm eastern time. If you want to read this book or have already you definitely will need to check out the show. I got the book because it was actually at the library but I will not be reading it until a little bit closer to the show date. Though I do wonder why they had to pick such a fat book. Though I have been assured it is a quick read despite it's side. Which is good because I am extremely busy!

Why am I busy, you ask? Well I started The Looking Glass Wars way behind when I intended to for our jokingly titled No Name Book Club. And I want to tell you I am really enjoying this take on Alice in Wonderland. I was overjoyed to see reference to the original manuscript version of Alice's Adventures Underground which is the only version I have previously read. Beddor took a really creative approach to this classic story. Early in the novel Alyss even comments on the existing versions of the story; "He'd transformed her memories of a world alive with hope and possibility and danger into make-believe, the foolish stuff of children" (4). And if you saw my post yesterday you also know that he decided to treat his book like a movie and create a sound track for it, which I happen to love.

So, since Chelsie proclaimed us The No Name Book Club, I guess we need to change that. You read to help? Please leave your ideas in the comments even if you aren't part of it!

V Has Been Reading! (Second Post)

Wow! It's already been a week since my first post!
Well, hi guys. I've been reading lots (last week it seemed like I didn't have much to say). I finished The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart on Wednesday. The book got off on a slow start but by halfway I could not stop! I love Frankie, she's my new idol, haha. The review is here. I certify the book an AWESOME. :)
I also read 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson. I bought it when it first came out in 2005 (and I was 12.. haha) and got halfway in and stopped reading. So I reread it completely and I mean, I thought it was good and all... but it's more of a 3-star. I just thought some things were really predictable and carbon copied on every book (for example, when Ginny is pushed to sing karaoke.... if you've read the book I think you know what I mean). I certify the book a BLAWSOME and the review is here, no podcast as of yet.
I have to say, flying to Canada was a lot more uncomfortable than  I thought. My head hurt a lot, my ears kept popping, and my tummy hurt a little. So I was all plastered on the seat with my brother (wooo, I flew as an Unaccompanied Minor!) rather than reading.
  It was hard to focus on my planned read... Cindy Ella. But I'm reading it now. Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer is okay so far. I think its very Cinderella-y (even though it's kinda of supposed to be) but yeah... I hope something happens with BklynBoy. 
My next book will be How To Be Bad by E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, and Lauren Myracle (I can't believe I remember all their names). 
Keep checking out my blog for new reviews, etc here. And while you're at it check out Like OMG Teens Read, the message board I run (alongside some familiar faces on Teen Tuesday) which now has a domain at likeomgteensread.com. Join today to talk about everything reading and books.
Have good reads this week! 


Me? Put Off Reading a Book? Nah...

I live in a small college town where the only bookstores are textbook stores. There's the obligatory on campus expensive Barnes and Noble, where for a small fee you can special order regular books, and then the independent off campus bookstore that is big, a little messy, and sticks to list prices. I've always heard that they have a YA section, but that it wasn't very decent. And for that fact, I never really bothered to go in.

But then last week, driven partially by the fact that I still haven't gotten all of my books that I need to read for my classes (Yeah, totally not a smart idea to put it off until mid July, especially when one of those books is The Count of Monte Cristo), and mostly because an English teacher I had my sophomore year of high school now works there and I wanted to talk to her.

Well, when I walked in, I fell in love.

The whole atmosphere was just amazing. I want to live there. Even if the YA selection is limited to a few Meg Cabots, Twilight, The Book Thief, and about a million other 80's or 90's books, I can't help but feel drawn to the place. I am now going to haunt that place until a job opening comes up and then beg them to hire me.

Anyways, since I am now in a crunch to finish my required reading (I'm a horrid procrastinator, which is pretty relevant in the fact that I am writing this at 11 o'clock on a Tuesday morning), I've had to abandon reading Slam by Nick Hornby, which was very sad for me, because it was an AWESOME book so far...so go read it and think of me as I'm trekking through Waiting for the Barbarians. Oh well. Teachers were always telling me that I will suffer if I put off things until the very last minute...

Til next time,


Teen Tuesday: Hope: 7.15.08

I know I scammed out last week! Sorry! I was working out at the farm again, and when I got home, I just felt like reading, so I did. :D

Last week, I read a pathetic one book. Yes, only one. It's quite sad, actually. It was awesome though - Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. I rated it five hearts! I think I'm one of the last people in the world to read this book, but if you haven't you should go get it! To see my review of Lock and Key, click here.

This week, I know I have to read at least one book. That is 1984 by George Orwell. My history class meets three times over the summer, and we have books we have to read and papers to write and everything. This book has to be read by Monday, so when I am in the three hour drive to the Cedar Point in Ohio, I will be taking only two things in the car with me: my iPod and a copy of 1984 by George Orwell. Should be a fun time! :p

I also hope to be able to read and finish Braless in Wonderland by Debbie Reed Fischer. I have to get this one read in a certain time span, because it's a library book. I've heard good things about it, so I hope I enjoy it. I've read about three pages, and that seemed good, so... we shall see.

I am also hoping to read Talent by Zoey Dean. I've heard very mixed reviews about this book. Some people say it's good, others think it's horrible. So I guess I'll just have to wait to see. I read the first book in the A-List series and liked it, so maybe I'll like this one?

This might be wishful thinking: I am also planning on finishing (or at least starting) La Petite Four by Regina Scott. It's another one I've heard wonderful things about. It's a Class of 2k8 book, and I've enjoyed all the other 2k8 books I've read. I hope this one won't be any different!

I'm also part of the Genre of the Month. I have not read ANY vampire books since I read the Twilight series a few months back. How sad is that? I love vampire books, and I've had one sitting on my shelf for a while now that I might crack open and read sometime soon. :D I've missed vampire books!

Don't forget to check out Hope's Bookshelf on YouTube! Click here to get to my channel, and let me know your thoughts!

What have you been reading this summer? Anything good? Any required reading? Have you read any books that you just didn't like at all and had to abandon?