Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Me and My Twilight Obsessed Friends...

So, as this is the week that Twilight finally comes out (EEKKKKK!) I think I should talk about that...

A bunch of my friends have read Twilight, and when we're around all our guy friends who haven't read it and we're swooning over Edward or saying that we want to throw Jacob off a cliff, they all look at us like we're crazy and say, "What's the big deal, anyway?"

.... {open, gaping mouths}


This is only one of the most addicting series' EVER, WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?

So, yes, we now ignore them and talk on. :p

Who's going to see the movie? Any thoughts on it?

I'm going on Friday, and I think it's going to be really good. :)

At least, I hope. :p



Two Tuesdays in a row! Woohoo, I rock!

My reading week has actually been uneventful.

I started reading Sovay by Celia Rees, and I finally realized why I love her books so much: they always feature a strong leading female character. I love the Sovay, she is such an interesting and strong narrator. It seems like women are stereotypically weak, or dependent, and in her books that just isn't the case. Sovay is definitely not an exception.

I am about halfway through, but I put a pause on that to start reading Hairstyles of the Damned, which was recommended to me by the fabulous Stephanie Kuehnert. I got about twenty pages in that before I realized that there is less than a week before Twilight comes out (eeek!) and so I am now reading Twilight for the third time so it's fresh in my mind.

And can I just say how much I love it? I am 200 pages in and I just don't want to stop reading; I'll take breaks occasionally, just to stretch and get drinks. But then I'm back at it; I haven't read Twilight since New Moon came out, and I am really glad I'm reading it again. It's just as entertaining the third time 'round! =D

Of course, I'm dying for the movie. My school's book club is going to go see it as a group, so we've already pre-bought our tickets and everything. So on Friday at four we'll all be in the theater and getting ready to watch it. We all made Twilight T-shirts last week, and just today (which happens to be Monday, since I'm writing this ahead of time) my friend Sam and I decorated ours with beads and glitter paint and whatnot... it was great fun, and I'll definitely have pictures next week!

Anyways, that's my reading and whatnot... I hope someone else posts this week... I was lonely last week ='(

But I understand anyways!

<3 Chelsie