Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Me? Put Off Reading a Book? Nah...

I live in a small college town where the only bookstores are textbook stores. There's the obligatory on campus expensive Barnes and Noble, where for a small fee you can special order regular books, and then the independent off campus bookstore that is big, a little messy, and sticks to list prices. I've always heard that they have a YA section, but that it wasn't very decent. And for that fact, I never really bothered to go in.

But then last week, driven partially by the fact that I still haven't gotten all of my books that I need to read for my classes (Yeah, totally not a smart idea to put it off until mid July, especially when one of those books is The Count of Monte Cristo), and mostly because an English teacher I had my sophomore year of high school now works there and I wanted to talk to her.

Well, when I walked in, I fell in love.

The whole atmosphere was just amazing. I want to live there. Even if the YA selection is limited to a few Meg Cabots, Twilight, The Book Thief, and about a million other 80's or 90's books, I can't help but feel drawn to the place. I am now going to haunt that place until a job opening comes up and then beg them to hire me.

Anyways, since I am now in a crunch to finish my required reading (I'm a horrid procrastinator, which is pretty relevant in the fact that I am writing this at 11 o'clock on a Tuesday morning), I've had to abandon reading Slam by Nick Hornby, which was very sad for me, because it was an AWESOME book so far...so go read it and think of me as I'm trekking through Waiting for the Barbarians. Oh well. Teachers were always telling me that I will suffer if I put off things until the very last minute...

Til next time,



Hope. said...

i'm a horrible procrastinator, too. If you watch the video version of my Teen Tuesday, I think I said it, but... I have to write two papers and read 1984 by George Orwell by Monday. I'm going to be gone until Friday, and I've known about this since the last Monday of June. haha.

Stupid procrastination. I hate it. It's stupid.


Anonymous said...

I'm a horrible, horrible procrastinator. I haven't even wrote my post for Teen Tuesday yet, so don't feel bad. I don't have any summer schoolwork though, which is really lucky for me.

Good luck with getting everything down, though. :)