Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teen Tuesday, Second Edition [Chelsie]

I apologize for the late post... I would have pre-written mine last night, but I was on the slowest computer in history (what can I say, it's dial-up...) and I was extremely tired.

But better late than never =D

I wish I could say that I was a reading maniac this week, finishing half of the books that I have stacked on my shelf and writing spectacular reviews just for your reading pleasure.

But that's not the case. In all honesty, I finished one book this week. And that was Fireworks. I started Audrey, Wait! but I haven't had much time to read it. I'm a little over halfway done, and so far what I've read is fantastic... I can't wait to find out what's next.

The reason it's taken me so long to read lately is because I'm trying something new out when it comes to reading. I created a Reading Log for all of my books, and as I'm reading I write down my thoughts and certain quotes. For Audrey, Wait! I have about ten pages so far, including a Song Log and tons of funny quotes. So far, Audrey's dad is my favorite character... he is completely hilarious!

Next, I'm reading Goddess Games by Niki Burnham. I've had this book for awhile and I've been kind of nervous about reading it, because I've never read anything by the author. However, after reading her story in Fireworks, I am extremely excited. Her story, Night Swimming, was the best story out of all four stories in the book. The other stories were all okay, but they were slightly predictable and there really wasn't much to them. Niki Burnham took her story to the next level, making it a fun beach read but also something emotional and wonderful that really struck something deep inside me.

So, that's what's been happening this week... I'm hoping to get much more reading done this next week, so expect something more exciting for next week's post.

(I would do pictures and links and whatnot, but once again I'm forced to finish up this post on a slow computer, and I wouldn't want it to spazz out on me... next week!)


Teen Tuesday - Second Edition [Hope].

So... I'm back again. Chelsie and Megan haven't scared me off. . . yet. Just kidding. :p They really are nice people.

I've had a pathetic reading week this week. I had church camp from Wednesday to Saturday, so I read one freaking book this week. Yes, you heard me right. One. Book. It's pathetic, I'm telling you.

I read Violet by Design by Melissa Walker, the second book in the Violet series, and I loved it. You know how in some series you read the first book and really like it, then get to the second book but it feels like the character has changed their voice? Yeah, didn't happen with the Violet series. Violet's voice stayed the same, though her character changed and learned how to fight for what she believed in, which I liked.

Right now, I'm reading Violet in Private, the third book in the Violet series, by Melissa Walker. I'm roughly around the forth or fifth chapter, and things are getting good. I HAVE TO FIND OUT IF ROGER STILL LOVES VIOLETTTT! I mean, seriously. Melissa Walker left that hanging from the second book and I have to find out now or I'm going to die!

I'm also reading The Second Summer of the Sisterhood. I read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and I loved it, but I never got around to reading the second one. It's been sitting on my shelf forever, I've just never gotten to it. I'm on around the forth or fifth chapter, so maybe I'll finish that one this week.

Uhm... I'm reading Chill by Deborah Reber, too. This book is amazing. I got it for Pulse IT, and I couldn't wait to read it. I stress myself out wayyyy too much. For instance, the day I got the book it was the day before final exams, and I was home sick because i stressed myself out too much. The book is all about stress relieving tricks, which I need greatly

Also, still reading Slaughterhouse Five for history. I have to read it by Monday. I just don't know if I like it or not at this point...

Am I really the only one who has to read books over the summer for school? You guys are all lucky. My history teacher is going to make us write papers about the books, too... yay. (Note sarcasm.) Oh well, I signed up for the AP class, I should be able to handle the work.


Teen Tuesday- First Edition (The Story Siren)

This is my first edition of Teen Tuesday. What is Teen Tuesday you may ask? Well, Teen Tuesday is a place for readers of Young Adult literature to interact with other YA readers. If you think you would like to join Teen Tuesday, simply send an email to teentuesday@yahoo.com with your request.

I hate to admit this but I’m kind of nervous. I don’t have the eloquence of some writers, so I’m hoping you’ll find this at least bearable to read. It’s easy for me to write a review, since I’m basically just writing what I think. I’m really hoping my writing will be up to par with the other ladies of Teen Tuesday.

My young adult reading week has been lacking. The main reason of that being I was on vacation for most of the week and for once reading wasn’t on my priority list. I did finish Miss Educated: An Upper Class novel on the two-hour plane ride home. And then on the following day I picked up Off Campus the next novel and finished that. You can find my reviews for both below.

Is anyone else a fast reader? I mean I’m not a really fast reader by any means, but on a good day I can read up to three or four books. I didn’t realize I was a fast reader until around the seventh grade. I had a wonderful Language Arts teacher, Mr. Stafanski, we called him Mr. S. He never doubted or questioned my fast reading capabilities. Instead when I would finish the assigned reading and my fellow classmates would still be engrossed in the text, actually most of them were probably goofing off, Mr. S. would notice my wandering eyes. He would often have a short story for me to read afterward and then he would ask my opinions on the reading. I remember one of the short stories I read called, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. If you haven’t read it you should, very thought provoking, maybe too provoking for a seventh grader, but Mr. S. didn’t think so. I remember staying after class that day discussing my thoughts and I remember the huge smile on Mr. S’s face as I left the classroom. If only my joy of reading and writing hadn’t been mutilated my freshman year, things might have been different. Okay, that’s enough insight into my life for one day, on with the post.

So, like I mentioned before, my young adult reading week was interrupted. I did however, have a book in the mail waiting for me when I got home. It was from an author I’ve never heard of, F. Paul Wilson. Has anyone heard of him? Apparently he is a New York Times Best-selling Author, but does anyone really pay attention to that? I know I don’t. I mean I’m excited when I see my favorite authors on there, but it’s not the place I go when I want to know if a book is worth reading or not. Anyway, I have this book now, and it’s called Jack: Secret Histories. I guess it is the spin-off of an adult series. Has anyone read The Repairman Jack Novels?

Currently I’m reading Must’ve Done Something Good by Cheryl Cory, which isn’t a young adult novel at all, but an adult novel. I promised Cheryl awhile ago that I would read it but it just now came up in my reading pile. I’ve only finished the first chapter so I don’t have much to say about it. My review pile is actually waning, I only have seven books in it, which is quite pathetic, but I have twenty something books that I’ve bought, that I have yet to read, so I guess I can pick some of those up.

Well I think that is it. I actually made it through. If you made it this far, it must not have been that bad, but I won’t go as far to say that you enjoyed it. Thanks for sticking with me.