Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Author Guest Post: Megan Crewe

The lovely Megan Crewe has written a very clever post
on how she created her ghosts
for her new book:
Give Up The Ghost

Let give her a round of applause, people!

Creating a ghost

You can find stories about ghosts going back thousands of years. So when I
started writing GIVE UP THE GHOST, I had to decide which bits of ghostly
mythology I might use, and how I would shape them to fit my story and make my
ghosts unique.

Here are a few of the things that define my ghosts:

1. My ghosts have a confused sense of time. This was inspired by the stories of
ghosts who seem to be living out or mourning a tragedy over and over, even
though it happened decades or centures ago. In GIVE UP THE GHOST, the ghosts
have strong memories of their lives, and have trouble remembering anything that's
happened afterward. They can recall recent events for a few hours or even days,
depending on how long they've been dead, and then they forget again. The only
things that start to stick are changes that stay the same. For example, when one
ghost's parents first cleared out her old bedroom, she would freak out over it every
few hours when she'd forgotten and was surprised by it again. But after a few
weeks, the change "sank in" (as Cass puts it) and she accepted it as if it'd always
been that way.

2. My ghosts can travel, but they have a relatively small location they feel most
comfortable at. Most ghosts in stories seem to be stuck to a particular place,
often the place where they died. For my ghosts, it's a place where they felt at
home when they were alive. One ghost who had an abusive father hangs out in
the halls at school where he used to meet up with his friends; another, who
dreamed of becoming a ballerina, lingers near the gym where she used to practice.
But because they're more human than many ghosts, they can decide to leave their
comfort place if they want to--they just won't feel totally at ease until they come

3. My ghosts have an individual smell. This wasn't based on anything specific in
ghost mythology--it just seemed to make sense, that wispy and ethereal as ghosts
are, they would carry something wispy and ethereal like a scent. Each ghost's
scent is related to their life: one ghost trails of a whiff of the hair oil he always
used; another travels with the smell of his favorite tea.
All of that added together, I hope, makes for ghosts who seem appropriately
ghost-like, but a little different in their own way, too!

Thanks for hosting me,

What an interesting post! Really!
I loved having you, Megan!
Come back any time! ;)

Give Up The Ghost hits the shelves TODAY!
*deafening round of applause*

Make sure you go to your nearest book store a snatch a copy of this amazing book!

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In the meantime, I'm leaving you with the GUTG Book Trailer (which I love <3)


Not much going on. Reading this:

That's about it.

Happy Tuesday!

best reading week in awhile

This past week, I did more reading than I have in awhile, which is really sad but also exciting.
I finished At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks, which I really enjoyed. Nicholas Sparks is one of those authors that I read for something fluffy with substance. I haven't read much of him in the past couple years, so I picked this up and started reading and I liked it. However, as soon as I got to the end I found absolutely no point to the book whatsoever. It seemed cheesy and pointless, and I can't get into details but I must say I was not pleased with the end at all.

Funny story: I just found out right at this moment that At First Sight is the sequel to True Believer. And I had no idea... whoopsy. Maybe I would like it better if I read True Believer?

I also finished Paradise Lost by Kate Brian, which I can't believe I haven't read sooner. I love this series, but I put off reading Paradise Lost because I heard it was not as good as the rest. While I'll admit, it may not be the best, but it definitely was worth my time, and I am still just as addicted to the series as before. I am also somewhat glad that I waited this long to read it, because now I can jump right into Suspicion as soon as I get my hands on it.
Now I am putting most of my energy into Ivanhoe, for my Reading Unlimited class. However, I do plan on doing a little extra reading inbetween.