Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.

I can't believe its Tuesday again. Seriously. School makes the days go by, doesn't it? Well, I've read two in a half books this week. I think. School's been kind of busy. We're finally getting in the real routine of things, knowing which stairs to go down to get the the next class faster. What to bring, the locker combination, etc. It's all becoming routine, even waking up early. I shocked myself when I woke up at 7:30 in the morning this weekend on Saturday and Sunday! It was strange. So far I haven't gotten much homework, but still, some. We even started a project in Civics where we have to make a collage with a partner! Imagine that? a project on the third week of school? Well, I guess, it's not that hard to imagine, especially since we've already had tests and stuff, but yeah, busy, busy.

Well, anyhow, the books I've read this week are:
  1. Sleepless by Terri Clark
  2. Where People Like Us Live by Patricia Cumbie
I'm not going to even have the Little Bestie Awards this week, because I know hand-down that Sleepless will win. I totally enjoyed Sleepless, big time. It was an Ah-MAZING book. And I just absolutely loved it.

Now with Where People Like Us Live, hmm. Well, I was highly disappointed and bored. I thought it was pretty much a waste of time to read it. The only good thing about this book was the writing. The plot and the characters were totally under-done. The protagonists was supposed to be a high school freshmen, but she acted like she was in the 5th or 6th grade. It was just a real disappointment on me.

I'm more then half way done with All We Know of Heaven by Jacquelyn Mitchard. I am absolutely in love with this book. It sad and heartbreaking, but totally plausible and just amazing. I can't wait to finish it, hopefully tomorrow. But I'm just hoping that the ending doesn't disappoint me.

For the books I hope to read this week, hmm. I hope to finish All We Know of Heaven, then read Prom Nights From Hell and Pretty Things and then hopefully either Fabulous Terrible or The Debs.

Well, we'll see about this, huh?

I think that's about it, until next week,

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