Monday, September 8, 2008

Tired Version (Chelsie)

So, I am sitting here and I just thought about the fact that in about an hour and 15 minutes it will be Tuesday. And this is the only time I have for making a post, so I figured I'd do it now before I forget and get too tired.

I read one book this past week. It's taken me a whole week to read Ivy by Julie Hearn.

And, finishing it, I wonder why I even bothered. I don't think I'm going to write a real review of this, because I have very few nice things to say.

Then again, I just finished reading it like five minutes ago. I might need some time to have it settle in my brain, and to actually think about it.

*spoilers below in random places, proceed with caution*

It just seemed so... pointless. 351 pages, and no reason for it. It wasn't particularly exciting, the main character wasn't really the best mc ever. And, like I said, there was no point. I felt like I just read a book about nothing. Sure, things happened. But was the point that Ivy was poor and trying to get away from her family, or that she was trying to get over her laudanum addiction? Or was it about just her relationships with the people she meets in general?

And how does it end? With her floating down a river. Um, hello?! Is this strange or what? I mean, I figured Ivy would change or something, or something would happen. Maybe she would stand up to her cousin, or Mrs. Frosdick, or even say something memorable and brave. But no. She just starts floating down a river. And goes to save some dogs. Woohoo?

That's the problem, I think. There is nothing memorable about this book whatsoever. In a year, I will remember nothing about it other than a beautiful cover and that it took me forever to read it.

*end possible spoilers*

Anyways, that's my reading week. I could probably talk about the weeks I've missed, and what I was reading then, but I seriously am not feeling able to right now. I only had like 4 hours of sleep, and so I really should be getting to bed.

Hope everyone else had a better reading week than I did!

I probably won't be on today because after school (and I am just dying to add this to this post) I will be at orientation for my new job (!!!) and I will be starting dance class, jazz this year (!!!!!!)

Sorry, just had to throw that bit of exciting news in there.

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