Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So...I haven't posted in quite a while. Well, three weeks. But seriously you guys, I don't think that much has changed since my last post. I think I've read like, 2 books. Okay, more like 8, but still. That's it. It takes quite a bit of time to keep calculus from kicking my butt, let me tell you.

Anyways, the awesomeness award is getting pulled in three different directions this week, and goes to John Green (yeah, he seems to be bathing in awesomeness lately, huh? Have you seen this? ISN'T IT AWESOME?), Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle for their colloboration that is LET IT SNOW. Those three take a holiday romance, turn it up on its head, spin it about, infuse it with humor and craziness and cleverness to make an AWESOME read. The only bad thing about this book is that it will make you yearn for Christmas a little early.

Also, a certain song MIGHT get stuck in your head.

But it's totally worth it.

Anyways, I also read Blue Bloods, Masquerade, the first four chapters of Revelations, and despite their slow beginnings, I now have newfound respect for Melissa de la Cruz. I wasn't a big fan of the Ashleys or the Au Pairs, but Mel knows how to (ahem, pun alert) totally suck you into a paranormal book.

Also on the Halloween/paranormal subject, I finished Witch High, a new anthology about teens who attend Salem Public High School #4, aka WITCH HIGH. On another note, I have found a new appreciation for anthologies/tag teams. A favorite is HarperTeen's Prom Dates From Hell. And unless you live under a rock, you also know that HarperTeen is coming out with another anthology, Love is Hell, with stories from Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier (ooh, I also read her Magic or Madness sometime in the past three weeks), Melissa Marr, etc., ect...

Also, I just finished Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, and I LOVED it. It's one of those reads I've had my eye on for ages, and it was well worth the very long wait. It was just the right mix of love, angst, humor, conflict, and insight. I would most DEFNITELY reccomend it.

Now I am on Tithe by Holly Black. I bought it cause it seems every which way I turn, people are raving about Holly Black's work, but I'm gonna admit, I'm not hooked yet. Maybe I just need to read a bit more? I'm on page 50, but things better bet interesting quick, or I might be tempted to abandon it in lieu of devoting my time to tracking down a copy of UNTAMED, which comes out TODAY! I've a bit of a head cold, which caused me to forget about this detail, but now that know it's out...

Wish me luck in the pursuit of a copy of Untamed, fellow readers, or things might get ugly....



Kelsey said...

Wow, that's awesome! I read Tithe like two years ago. It wasn't the best. It didn't WOW me.

You've read a ton of books.

Chelsie said...

I didn't like Tithe too much... Actually, I didn't like it at all. So I wouldn't blame you for abandoning it for Untamed :)

The Compulsive Reader said...

Hm, yes. That's how I'm feeling. I launch my quest for Untamed tonight, so wish me luck!