Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week of Intentions [Megan]

When my children left a week ago I thought I would be filling my time with page after page in book after book. But how many books exactly have I finished in this time span? None. Not a single one.

Tonight is out chat for The Luxe and in some ways I wish I had it here with me so that I could have spent this last week looking over it. But alas it needed to be returned to the library. It is not too late to join us this evening at 8pm EST. Email: teentuesday@yahoo.com Subject: The Luxe. I am looking forward to talking about all the characters of The Luxe and wondering why we all liked it so much.

I also started Chasing Windmills. I loved it so much I was sure I was going to finish it the first day I started it. But I guess that didn't happen. There is also that feeling when you love a book so much that you want to read it slowly, so you can savor the experience. Do you ever have that feeling? I have to say that I like the cover of this book. And the title drew my interest from the moment I first heard murmurs of it in blogs. Even though I have haven't finished it yet, this book has really made me curious about Catherin Ryan Hyde's other books. I hope to be reading more soon, though our library only has Pay It Forward. I should take it out soon, but if that actually happens will be another story.

Speaking of the library, I have also put off going there all week. I have been wanting to go and get Scott Westerfield's Peeps. And some other Vampire themed books for the new Genre of the Month blog. Though I must admit I am feeling slightly overwhelmed as the books I intend to read build up in imaginary piles around me and I am simply treading water here. Did you intend to do or read something this past week and unintentionally put it off?

Also, to add yet another book to the pile I found a new book club at http://darkandstormybookclub.com/ and they are reading The Book Thief which I have been intending to read and now am happy to have the excuse to do so! If you are thinking about joining me make sure you say so in the comments!

I am hoping, probably in vain, to have a very successful reading week despite the fact that my children will be showing up this evening. I want to finish 3 books by Friday. It may not happen but here I have said it public in some sort of attempt in accountability. What book are you going to finish by Friday?


Chelsie said...

I have Chasing Windmills... I really really want to read it... I plan to when I go on vacation next week...

Also, if I ever get The Day I Killed James back from Justinne, I'll probably send it to you to read... it sucks that your library doesn't have any of her other books.

And I haven't really put off reading anything this week, I just haven't gotten as much read as I wanted to. I read I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and was planning on finishing or getting farther in The Host, but I only just finished IWBYJR today... although I'm hoping to finish The Host before Friday so I don't have to carry it with me to Illinois on Friday.

The Story Siren said...

i think you will really like Chasing Windmills..... CRH is an awesome writer.

hopefully i will finish Braless and start and finish Pillage.

Kyle said...

Hopefully I will finish Twilight, But I didn't read that much yesterday so that is all I will be doing today besides maybe watching a movie or going swimming. I loved The Book Thief, it is written in a new coolish way!

saintseester said...

I am going to keep an eye on this site. I have found the YA novels lately to be very well written and enjoyable. I don't have a ton of time to read, but hopefully I'll cross paths with you guys.

Chelsea said...

Yaaay I'm glad you're liking Chasing Windmills. I can't wait to read it.