Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Teen Tuesday- Kyle's First Post

Hi. This is my very first post for teen tuesday you probably know me as the
Book Review Maniac. If not then go to bookreviewmaniac.blogspot.com which is my blog for author interviews, book reviews and much more.

First I want to talk about THE KITE RUNNER. I posted the review yesterday on my blog, so check it. I really enjoyed the book, but it wasn't a book that I could not put down. The story of it was excellent. The book was about friendship, love, family and mistakes that you wish you could take back.

I also got to read The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong, which came out to stores last Tuesday. Here is a quote from my review:
"I loved this book! It reminded me a little bit of Harry Potter except that Chole isn't a wizard, she doesn't go to a wizard school... overall it was a great book that did keep me hanging on to every page... I recommend this book to every teen out there! ... buy it today!"

To read the rest of my review click here!

I also posted my inter view with Jennifer Banash, the genius behind her newest book THE ELITE. Which can be viewed here!

Coming up:

I am currently reading The Emerald Tablet by P.J Hoover; which is great so far.
I am also planning on reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and New Moon, which are the first two books to the Twilight Series. The last and forth book in the Series comes out August 2nd. I am planning on reading the first three before it comes out. Their is also going to be a movie for the first book, it comes out in December.

happy reading,



Chelsie said...


How could you not have read the Twilight series yet?! I thought for sure that you would be a fan!

Kyle said...

haha. I know right. I just recently did research on it because I never really new about the series, I had seen the books before though. But the other Day I bought Twilight and New Moon, (currently reading twilight), and once I finish those I will get Eclipse which I plan to have completed before Breaking Dawn comes out. And I can't wait for the movie!

The Story Siren said...

hmm.... i'm having a contest soon you might be interested in... (hint, hint)

but you didn't hear that from me!

Vanessa said...

Kyle you're not the only one... I'm half way through with Twilight and I started it in Dec, haha. Which means I'll have to read it over. I don't know, the corny love story and the vampire-theme aren't really me. I really want to read The Kite Runner! My friend said it was gooood.