Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Book Chic (Dec. 9)

Hey everyone! This is my first Teen Tuesday post, and I'm so excited for it!! :)

This has been a hectic week, so I haven't read a whole lot, though I think I did pretty well considering.

Beginning from last Tuesday, I've read Bewitching Season, which I reviewed here,
and Prom Nights From Hell by Rosemary Clements-Moore,
which I hope to put up a review for shortly (though I'm feeling very lazy so who knows when it'll happen). And right now I'm finishing up Princess Diaries 3: Princess in Love and I started Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston last night during my break at work. It's really good so far.

I'm also really enjoying re-reading the PD books. It's great fun and it's good so I can be prepared when I read the 10th book since it's been so long since I've read a PD book and I've kinda lost track of what went on. Reading them all in order as close together as possible helps a LOT. I'm so excited to read the 10th book! I'm actually planning on getting the audio CDs for PD5-9 from my library because at the job I have now, I can listen to stuff while I work, so perfect opportunity for me to continue the PD series while saving time to read stuff for my site when I'm not on work. :)

Coming up soon in my reading are these books:

Princess Diaries 4: Princess in Waiting- continuing the re-reading process

Hell Week by Rosemary Clements-Moore- reading the sequel to Prom Dates from Hell. I can't wait to see what Maggie gets involved in this time!

I So Don't Do Mysteries by Barrie Summy- I'm excited for this book and have been for a while. I love the title and the summary sounds great. Barrie is also my December Fresh New Voice of YA, along with Lesley Livingston. Look out for the FNV posts coming up next week!

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Chelsie said...

Yay for first posts!

I really want to read Bewitching Season, and right when I'm done with this comment I'm going to go click on your review.

And it's so cool that you're rereading the PD series, I couldn't imagine myself doing that... there are soooo many other books for me to read, and granted, those books go by really fast, but I still probably wouldn't be able to do it. Especially not now that I already know what happens all the way up to book nine :) Can't wait for 10!

BookChic said...

Thanks for the comment here and on my blog! I'm imagining the paperback should be out in late April, a year after the hardcover publication. But there's been no date released yet for the paperback edition.

And believe me, I don't have time to re-read them either, esp. with the job I've got now, but I really want to, lol. And while I know the overall plotlines of the books, I've forgotten specifics so this re-reading will fill in the gaps.