Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Bringing Nerdy Back

Hello again my lovely book buddies,

So are you tired of me complaining about East of Eden every week? I'm tired of me complaining about East of Eden every week. But not to worry! Because I FINISHED! Woo-hoo!

Now I just need to do the work along with it. Seeing as today's the first day of classes and all. But they never ask for summer work on the first day, so I got til tomorrow, right? RIGHT?

Anyways, back to YA:

Richelle Mead stole the made of awesomeness position away from whoever was holding it last week (this is really sad that I can't remember these things) with her Vampire Academy series (Vampire Academy and Frostbite). Like, WHOA! I love a kick butt and full of attitude character as much as anyone, but I'm always a little leary of them in case they turn out to be Mary-Janes. Rose Hathaway? Not so much. Way to go, Richelle! Reviews are forthcoming (I'm a teensy bit behind, due to the fact that I was so busy fine tuning my procrastination skills), and I am totally looking forward to Shadow Kiss!

Also, I finally got to read Ever! It was different from GCL's normal style, but it was good just the same. And the cover totally rocks!

Are you a fan of Mary Hogan's Susanna series, or just like books about girls in the "rich" world? Read Savvy Girl by Lynn Messina, and don't be fooled by the demure cover--it's a little more edgy than it lets on.

La di da, let's see, what else? Oh! I unearthed Justine Larbaestier's Magic or Madness trilogy from within the deep an terrifying depths of my car (don't ask) and am reading that now. I want some magic door action already, but she's taking her own sweet time. Which reminds me, I want How to Ditch Your Fairy. I don't care about the bad reviews, I just really really want it.

Oh! I'm totally psyched about a big contest I'm holding! It's not been announced yet (but there's hints!!), but it'll most definitely include books and cute pink clothing! (Sorry guys, especially Kyle, you probably won't get too excited about cute pink tank tops emblazoned with the words----OH! I ALMOST GAVE IT AWAY! AREN'T YOU INTRIGUED NOW?) Watch my blog!

Well, that's all for now, chums. Be good in school, don't follow my evil procrastinating ways (only professionals should attempt), and read lots! I am on the nerdy fast track and will be engulfed in advanced classes and such nerdfest activities, but don't fret--behind every textbook lurks a YA book, demanding attention.



P.S. But on a side note, how many of you are TOTALLY PSYCHED about school?? I love school! I would marry it! I am that nerd whose endless enthusiasm you hate! The coolest thing? Read them YA books, cause that just makes you smarter! And embrace your inner nerdiness! Revel in it! Absorb it and exude it with confidence!

Now go and get smart.


Hope. said...

lol. I can't wait until you announce your contest. Pink shirts with some writing on it? Count me in.

I can't say I was TOO excited to go back. I just knew I had to and that there was no not going back to school, so I dealt with it.

And I got my yearbook from last year (you don't get them until the next year at my school) and it's amazing. :p So that was a good reason for going back, haha. :D


Chelsie said...

Yay for school!

Yay for YA! hehe.

And Hope, ha. We don't get last year's yearbooks until the first week of October. Gotcha beat in the suckiness department.