Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm New!

Hey everyone,

I'm new here! My name is Holly and I run a blog/magazine for women called Woman Tribune as well as a feminist/political blog, Menstrual Poetry. I was invited to join Teen Tuesday by Megan after talking to her about a young adult book I just finished reading and noticing that it's Tuesday, so I had immediately thought about this Teen Tuesday site she had told me about a while ago.

Throughout this past week, I finished reading an excellent book by Jennifer Weiner, Good in Bed, which isn't a "young adult" book, but it was still a great read. Last night, I finished reading C. Leigh Purtill's first novel, Love, Meg. It was a really great book, wonderfully constructed and overall, very enjoyable; it was also a pretty fast read, I started reading it while also reading Good in Bed and read the bulk of it in just two days which is pretty good for me because I can't always find the time to read as much as I would like to.

I read C. Leigh Purtill's second novel, All About Vee first, never even hearing of this author at first because I wasn't an avid young adult reader until recently. After putting a review for All About Vee up on my website I received a comment as well as an email from Leigh Purtill and since then, we've been in pretty close contact through email and within the first five minutes of finishing Love, Meg I emailed her to tell her I wanted a sequel. The book left me wanting more, which was actually the worst part of reading the book; wanting more and then finding out that she didn't have a plan for a sequel. I'm one of those people who need closure, who needs to know that everyone does go on to be happy overall but sometimes books just don't work that way, as I'm sure everyone knows.

I noticed that a lot of people are reading a lot of books at the same time, especially Megan who seems to be reading 12 different books at any given time, but I have a hard time keeping track of stories and what characters belong to which plot and start to confuse everyone. Like I said before, I started Love, Meg while reading Good in Bed and it turned out that both Leigh Purtill and Jennifer Weiner thought it would be a good idea to name both sister characters Lucy, but with different spellings. In my mind, the different spellings didn't register in my head until I realized that both sisters were named Lucy and that just goes to show you how funny it is, like Megan mentioned in her last post here, when books you're reading have something indirectly in common. I think I'll stick to reading just one book at a time from now on because that alone posed a bit of confusion for my brain.

Overall it's a great book and I definitely recommend it. I did see all of the twists and turns coming before they happened, but I don't feel as if it had anything to do with the way the story was constructed and it was no fault of the author's, I just had an inkling because I'm one of those people who think to myself "Yeah, it would surely be a twist if this happened..." and low and behold, the author had thought the same thing! If you're interested in a whole, in depth review, I have one posted here.

It's great to be a part of Teen Tuesday and will be reading more young adult books soon so I'm sure to be back.


Chelsie said...

Thank you so much for joining! This was a great first post.

I am not one of those people (like Megan... who I personally think is slightly insane, but in a good way) who can read more than one book at a time. Like you, I get confused and mix things up. However, I have tried reading two at a time, and it works alright, depending on the books. Some books just seem more read-two-at-one-time worthy than others.

At least, that's how it seems to me.

Kelsey said...

Welcome! I actually never really read two books at one time, it's very unusual for me. I only read on at a time.

Amanda said...

Nice post. I only read one book at a time so i can fully concentrate on it.

Vanessa said...

Welcome Holly (wow, I love your name).

I was thinking of buying Love, Meg the last time I went to the bookstore and bought a bulk of books but I decided not to... I think I will go out and buy next time thanks to you :)

Hope you stick around!

Mrs. Magoo said...

That's so cool that you run a magazine! :)