Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Her Smile [Megan]

Well I have been getting a lot of reading done. Picking up book after book and reading a few pages and not making it far.

The young adult books I am currently reading are:
The Second Mrs. Gioconda
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

The books I recently finished are:
The Book Thief
Vampire Plagues: Paris, 1850

I think it is interesting when books two books you are reading have a common element. It is to be expected if you are reading two books on the same topic. But I think it is really interesting when it happens when you are reading books on two different topics.

You know when you are needing to be reading a pile of books but there is one just this one that keeps staring at you? You see it calling to you out of the corner of your eye?

Well as I was pushing through Vampire Plagues 2 (and it was a real push cause I as hating it, big disappointment after I liked the first book) and I came across a passage. As I did my eyes darted to that book I am not supposed to be reading because I am already reading WAY TOO MANY BOOKS! I read the words again, "Jack had no idea at all why Emily and Ben were so enthralled by the painting. IT was not very big, and there was a tint over the whole thing that made it look as if it has been painted in greenish haze" (44). So what was Jack looking at? The painting has been around for over 500 years and one of the most famous ones in the world. It also happens to grace the cover of the book I am trying not to read.


I have lots more I want to read and lots more I need to read.
I will be (I hope) exploring The Book Thief throughout the week on my blog. I found it to be so dense that every time I try to write about it my head explodes. I decided it will be more manageable in small pieces, please stay tuned and check it out!

What did you read today?


Vanessa said...

I know what you mean about books that just WANT you to read them even if you're busy reading another one. I don't like to read two books at the same time because I get confused sometimes.

That sucks you didn't like the Vampire book, I am disappointed (as anyone would be) when the first book in a series is great and the next one doesn't follow up.

Today I read Perfect You... maybe half of it. I should go read some more.

Hope you finish those two books before another one jumps at you... haha!

Chelsie said...

Today, I read my daily dosage of blogs, and plus the new Seventeen magazine.

And I might actually pick up a book, sometime in the next century.

Megan said...

I am hoping to finish Rumble Fish tonight which I just bought at the library. Gooooooo me!

Mrs. Magoo said...

Did you like Kira-Kira? I've been meaning to read it for a while.