Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teen Tuesday (3)

Ok so what all has happened this week.... nothing too exciting im afraid, although at the same time it did. I found out the other day that I won a book, Meet me at the Boardwalk by Erin Haft, that I am so excited to read! I got approached by my first author about reviewing her book that doesn't come out until February of next year. I contacted an author and am getting two of her books that I am ubber ubber excited about getting in the mail!!! Um I have Candor on the way soon for my 1 ARC Tour, which again I can't wait to read! I feel like my blog is really starting to take off and Im loving it! I dont want to go into too many details right now because I am leaving on Wednesday and won't have internet access so I want to wait until I get back to talk about everything! Umm as far as reading goes, again I didnt do too much reading this week I just finished Hunted a little while ago and you can find my review for it here, but hopefully when I get back in the next couple weeks I will have many, many reviews to post. Not having internet will probably help me read alot more :) Umm also I got some Give Up the Ghost bookmarks, and If anyone is interested in obtaining one or two e-mail me at jmoose09 AT gmail DOT com and I would love to send you one. Please include your address in the e-mail it makes things so much easier :) Anyways I think that is all I really have to talk about this week. Oh, the bookmarks might take a little while to get sent with me not being home and everything but I promise once I get back everything will be back into swing :) Thanks for reading my ramblings and here is a picture of the bookmarks....

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