Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My first Teen Tuesday post

Ok so I guess we just talk about the things that we have done this week and read and so forth so here I go.

Yesterday I finished, the AMAZING, The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong, and you can find my review about it here. I absolutely loved it! i never expected it to end the way that it did. When I finish it I was so... hyper I guess you could say, because I was really getting into it and then BAM!! It's over. So I read that this week and right now I am currently reading Audrey Wait by Robin Benway. Im not too sure what I think of it yet. I am only on like page 10 so. I have heard a lot of good things about it and hope that I am going to like it.

And now for my OMG moment of the day, I dont have these everyday but I did today. I recently contacted an author about a book for my brother. He read their first series, and loved it so I asked about her new book that she has coming out soon. Well when I opened my mailbox this morning there it was. He has no idea about it and I cant wait to give it to him because I think that he would just die if he knew about it right now. I know that when I do give it to him though I am going to have to lift him up off the floor.

Also I am waiting for my WAKE and FADE books by Lisa McMann to get here! We ordered them just earlier this week and they are supposed to be here by the 31st and I want to read them so, so, so, so bad! So thats all this week and I will be looking forward to talking about what has happened between now and next Tuesday. Hope you liked my first post.


Dannie said...

I loved the Summoning. Wasn't that big on Audrey, Wait! but it is fun for a lazy weekend.

Hope you enjoyed your first post :)

Ella Press said...

I loved, loved, loved The Summoning too! Ah-mazing book! I've still to read AW!
What a nice thing you did for your brother!

Chelsie said...

Everyone loves The Summoning, so I'm just gonna have to pick it up and read it now aren't I? =P

And that is so cool about your brother! How exciting! I wish my brother liked to read... or even knew how to =P

I liked Audrey, Wait! a lot... it was just really fun and awesome :)

<3 Chelsie