Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I finished it!

Pride and Prejudice is now finished! I am wayyy proud of myself! I am not going to do an official review of it, because I think I'd be too prejudiced (haha pardon the pun) but if you'd like to chat about the book or hear my opinions, email me at bookluverreviews@hotmail.com.

After Pride and Prejudice, I started Bloom by Elizabeth Scott. I bought it last June, and didn't get around to reading it until now, after my friend read it and loved it. It took me a day to finish it, I was absolutely hooked. It was fantastic... and I hear that her other books are even better.

Which makes me glad that I bought Perfect You last summer as well. Because now I plan on reading that asap.

However, I also got around to another book that I have had to read for awhile: How to be Bad by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and E. Lockhart. To be honest, I've had this book to review since last May (I suck, I know) and I am just now getting to it. And I am three chapters in, and I am crossing my fingers that it goes in a decent direction... there are such fantastic possibilites with this, I am almost nervous that I have such high expectations.

Either way, I have awhile to go, but I am looking forward to finishing it and seeing what happens!

And that's it for this week...



Taren said...

Did you like it? Way to read it without cheating and watching the Colin Firth miniseries!

pirate penguin said...

wow...is it scary that I already read all the books that you mentioned in this post? I loved Pride and Prejudice!!! Mr. Darcy's so cuteee. Did you watch any of the movie versions? Bloom was a great book too. I felt a little bad for her boyfriend but then again.... naaah. How to Be Bad is quirky in a totally good way ;). Which girl do you like best?