Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hope (Dec. 2)

I'm actually remembering to cross-post this time! Yay!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving Break, so I didn't have school for five days! (Including weekend, of course. :D) I took advantage of this time and was a bookaholic. Well, more than usual. :)

I read:
1. Fahrenheit 451 (for school)
2. Cycler
3. Bite Me
4. The Second Virginity of Suzy Green
5. Revelations (Blue Bloods 3)

I enjoyed most of them. Cycler was a bit... interesting. But I'll save the rest of that one for the review. :p Fahrenheit 451 was okay. I was expecting it to be a bit better, but I just found it really s l o w a lot of the time.

Right now, I'm reading Moonstone by Marilee Brothers. And I'll probably pick up another one here soon because I can't read just one book at a time.

Reviews are coming up soon! I'm scheduling everything right now to make sure that they all get written while I'm thinking about it. :)


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Chelsie said...

My mommy read Fahrenheit 451 (I actually spelled "Fahrenheit" right without spell-check... yay!) back in high school, and she hated it. So... I figured I wouldn't read it =P

I'm going to have to see what you think about Revelations... my friends are all dying to read it (although I'm not... never was a Blue Bloods fan myself) and so hearing your opinion would be really helpful to torture them =D Haha.