Monday, December 15, 2008

Consistency [Chelsie]

So, this week I finished Jars of Glass. I also read and finished Ever by Gail Carson Levine, and started Pride and Prejudice for my school's book club.

Jars of Glass was good. I had a problem with one of the characters (ugh, following the trend again). But then again, this character was someone that the readers is supposed to have a problem with.

Ever was just... okay. I love Gail Carson Levine, but this book just didn't do it for me. And this is why: usually, Levine writes books that are fantasy, but have some sort of realistic element to them. Ever didn't feel that way to me. It just seemed like a book made of coincidences and people/things/events that were there just to be there. It didn't have a purpose... except a possible religious purpose, which was the book's main redeeming quality. Overall it wasn't bad, but I wouldn't recommend this book over Fairest or The Two Princesses of Bamarre.

And Pride and Prejudice... I am only 27 pages into it. But so far, it's not bad. At all. I was thinking there'd be a huge language barrier, but there really isn't... it's not something that I am having too hard of a time trying to understand. I actually like it. =D (By the way, that cover is the actual cover of the copy I bought last week... and it's pink and green and I love it... it's so cute!)

So that's my update. Anyone else have a good reading week?

Also, an interesting tidbit: I did some calculations, and I read one book every 2.7 days. Which is actually not as bad as I thought it would be.


Hope. said...

I did! I finished two books! Which, I know, doesn't sound like a lot, but I had three choir concerts and a school choir fundraiser (caroling for cans) so even though I was quite busy, I finished two books! I'm so happy, lol.


Vanessa ( said...

ssqI'm glad you both had good reading weeks! :)

lisa said...

trying to stay on the active reading wagon - been more busy than i'd like to be to finish as many as i'd like to!

and yes, P&P is one of the surprisingly easy to read (and absorbing) and so enjoyable!