Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Teen Tuesday!!! (Vanessa)

Hi dear humans.

I think I'm hyper... did you notice by my first sentence? 
Happy Teen Tuesday. I'm kinda late... I have 30 minutes to post this! But I just remembered. 
So anyway, what's been up with you guys's reading?
In the past week I haven't read much. I think its because I don't spend half of my day riding subways and buses (like I did when I visited in Canada) but I finished The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. It was great. It is certified an AWESOME. Of course, it got 5 stars. (It didn't make my "favorite" list, sadly... for reasons I will post on my review--when I get to it--with a MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS warning). 
Other than that, I started Lost It by Kristen Tracy and it had me laughing quite a lot... a record of about 4 LMAOs which is so unlikely from a book. I seldom laugh, even when authors are trying to be funny (I'm rather weird). But I stopped reading it to read Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker. I'm reading this book because Hope recommended it and also because I have to review it for Like OMG Teens Read Newsletter. 
Let me tell you guys a little bit about that. Like OMG Teens Read Message Board (likeomgteensread.com, you know, the site I've been preaching for like forever) has gotten together five people: Brenna, Chelsie, Hope, Meaghan, and me to put together a newsletter. The newsletter is featuring the following: young adult literature news, reviews, a quote of the month, LOTR current Book of the Month's coverage, books turned into movies updates and reviews, Author of the Month, author interviews, a list of books coming out in the next month, (hopefully soon) contests, and a lot more. So basically we just report and put on our Wordpress site likeomgteensread.wordpress.com and if you'd like you can subscribe to our monthly issues, you can read, talk about them, etc. It's so far really fun to write (well at least for me, I don't know about the rest of the troop). Our first issue will be available August 31, 2008. Tune in for it!
In other news, I ordered a lot of books from Amazon before I left to Canada, and came home to find them, beautiful. Except for that I got Escapement by Jay Lake instead of The Elite by Jennifer Banash by mistake, and I ordered Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty NEW and got it all bended and the pages are dirty from use. So I have to complain about both of those. Don't you hate it when that happens?
Other than that I haven't read anything else. I have to say though... my "library" of just 80 books has filled up my shelf. I need to buy a shelf to put all my books from now on... take a look at my library... ahh, I love to look up and see my beautiful books.
I'll leave you guys with that... I'm officially late... its 12:05:07.



Chelsie said...

Just so everyone knows, the message board is awesome =D


Totally. Go there. Now.

Also, Vanessa, your bookshelf is very purdy. My bookshelf isn't quite as fancy as that...

I looooveee my bookshelf. I love any bookshelf that actually has books on it... =D

Kelsey said...

Amazing bookshelf Vanessa. It's so pretty! My bookshelf . . . isn't really a bookshelf. I have two shelfs stacked on top of each other on top of my dresser, and it's full.

Megan said...

So I went on this sudden, semi unplanned road trip and did manage to get a bit of reading done. Thank goodness for audiobooks.

I finally got The Book Thief finished last night, feel like I have been reading it forever.