Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Had A Good Reading Week. (Hope.)

Thanks, Chelsie, for mentioning that I was on vacation. :D I didn't want everybody to think that I forgot. Again. haha.

While I was gone, I finished two books: Evernight by Claudia Grey and Diary of a Chav by Grace Dent. I really enjoyed Evernight - it was a great vampire book, and I love Claudia Grey's take on vampires. However, I didn't enjoy Diary of a Chav as much. There was a lot of British slang that I didn't understand, and it just wasn't very exciting. For the exact reasons why I only gave it two hearts, click here to see my review.

When I got back from vacation, I picked up Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer, which has been sitting on my shelf forever. I started it yesterday morning and I couldn't go to sleep because I had. to. figure. out. what. was. going. to. happen. So I finished and it was so CUTE! It's definetly something that I can't really see happening in real life - but it's a modern-day fairy tale, so that part was okay with me.

So I'm going on vacation again next week. We go to the Upper Peninsula to our property this week every year, because this is when the country fair is up there, and the fair is amazing. (Besides all the tractor pulls I have to watch that my dad and grandpa are in -- those get boring after a while.) I know I definelty have to read some lessons out of my history text, We the People, for when school starts. I'm also taking The Midnight Twins and La Petite Four with me, which I read a little of when I was on vacation last week. There are a few library books that I am also going to be taking with me so I can read them on time.



whatvanessareads said...

That's just how I felt with Cindy Ella.

Have fun reading We The People, I liked most of it while I was taking the class. :)

Ahh, The Midnight Twins! Like OMG Teens Read's Book of the Month. :)

Have fun on vacation Hope (again)!

Chelsie said...

I'm reading The Midnight Twins right now =D When you get back, we'll have to do the Inte(Re)view... unless you finish it before then...

Hope. said...

Vanessa: I just LOVE reading about citizenship on my summer vacation. Lol. Haha. Yeah, the book of the month - and my Inte(RE)view for Chelsie. :p Thanks - I hope to have fun. :D

Chelsie: Haha. Yeah -- it'll probably get read on vacation... it's a six hour drive. :p